Timestamp Message Commit
visual distinction between data and meta d0ec329
Merge branch 'master' of 84cb88f
Revert [fix import git log Windows™ command line double quote] ba5d29d
Revert "fix import git log Windows™ command line double quote" e122958
use tabs to edit data and attributes (remove pencil) ef2cc94
fix import git log Windows™ command line double quote 2823ec8
Content Security Policy b25b32d
fix segfault: unique driver name for backups cc2c56c
scheduled database backups 8211ca9
move flag usage up 397fe67
Merge branch 'master' of 0a0f35e
port to Microsoft Windows™ 234651c
warn, do not crash when missing open id connect or application secret files 917cdd2
missing error handling for open id connect secrets 0280e3b
PWA install with application name 91d3dfc
add entity button 076efc2
extract diagrammer from dashboard ff17588
import csv UI 10990e2
cancel button back navigation c841a82
secondary buttons 338ba8c
hint to define entities 7378918
hint to define attributes; rename Properties → Attributes 351611d
enforce permissions (crude, all or nothing) 9ae36c3
rename rbac action delete → remove 307f525
handle wildcard entity permissions 32e130c
github sign in 63c49b5
chart Y label e873795
log host 40c4076
acme domain whitelist from database 1e2b1bc
separate sign in page 605f8c8
move template parsing http.go → templates.go 541afa0
field type currency (hard coded €) c28d9bb
field alignment per field type e2a6249
bugfix: empty fields caused 'httpd: no such file' 410ee8c
hint at release history aba98eb
rename attribute.tmpl → attributes.tmpl 8fe50e6
remove obsolete comments 0aa0429
image upload 8eb492a
serve field values 4c1be39
404 for non-routable URLs 4490b05
blob support for images 1dfe055
read application secret from file 8a07dd6
extract account actions to account.tmpl ba1944c
render field type image 2733353
no need to include service worker from HTML c5403e8
sort using table headers 10b2a58
include commit hash in release log 6c1f800
color branded application.webmanifest c9ba870
minimal PWA (progressive web application), allows install e345e87
allow multiple anchors in table captions 21d1e84
drag `.card` parent 494921a
don't escape HTML in API to accomodate non-HTML clients 7880853
field types audio and video bca8308
host based application separation 382ba0a
ApplicationEntities (Application, Entity) for application separation 742936b
breadcrumbs contrast 04b49a0
brand color based on host name 3e13a0e
add Applications (Name, Domain, BrandColor) b6f4783
render color values with color 6959621
gray diagram links 650ee5e
move database schema creation from main to initdb 80c137f
simple charting 2da05ff
strict ISO 8601 date format for Releases (git log) 869280a
fractional seconds support for checkpoints and zulu time cea795c
render fallback for unknown field types (e.g. Relations) 8d02c03
inline Content-Disposition for PDFs b48bd9b
left align 1rem everything 792885a
export entity rows as PDF e18317d
output JSON for .json suffixed paths ac96623
arrow drawing: no need to close path 3b04819
consistent button margin (the wrong way™) e536d44
bugfix: refuse dragging the diagram and canvas 0a309de
list style 20ba5bd
get diagram layout from settings 3eebe81
remove dead code e30adf6
diagrammer: drag entities around 5463cf6
field type image c5be4bb
initially hide less important features e39918c
diagrammer: draw arrows 887199e
disable authenticationHandler because it appends 'Unauthorized' to every HTTP response bd1ec2b
entity and attribute for hints are not required (e.g for application introduction) 8745d2b
proof utf-8 emoticon support 4eb9fa6
center relation links 44075d0
authenticate account 525f4b2
do output hashed password b0d2b43
add Accounts (Name, Password) 2dae9b6
render field value with type template 647dae2
dashboard: explain what pretzels is d01e75d
responsive diagram 61df841
export all entities rows as Csv 5ca8cb6
export entity rows as Csv da61d70
bugfix: don't try to render permissions on error 89daf7e
table cell text ellipsis 6fe079b
log http requests 7746a8e
display permissions (in a brute way for now) 94f6af4
pencil button for row edit (row click is too implicit) 6c4ac9a
dynamic refresh button 26b8617
fix potential XSS in redirect URL 9a6ae38
static refresh button 22d708d
fix relations and required for hints f01fbba
display hints for dashboard and index fd338be
pre no overflow d320411
fixed navigation bar fcd75d5
fix import rowid collision 0926833
edit attributes from cards 20158e8
required attributes 5583780
display full row in relation lookup bc215be
serve localhost only e5527fd
bugfix: markdown not rendered (CRLF issue) d589de2
DRY CreateEntity() 31f112a
distinguish between total server time and render time b700e47
print style sheet 01a3869
provide more context for schema and flex errors 175397a
hints as markdown f64e4d9
bugfix: recover handler broke http → https redirect 8bccb94
copyright footer e213f28
friendly recover page 9faf26d
recover http handler 6158283
meta viewport 12cc78c
bugfix: import must call SyncView for all entities 19f82f5
world readable log file 7b92a13
redirect http → https d350593
add navigation bar 2bf5a88
remove some superfluous <br>s 2de1a16
styling: let blocks (cards, tables, forms, hints) stick out 4c2aab1
import git log into Releases 8b3c957
Lynx-friendly entity cards e01a148
don't render duration for static files 36287b6
diagrammer: draw relations between entities 9d8fba8
bugfix: off-by-one for import files 2bbd097
display number of imported rows 4239369
bugfix: unknown field types caused panic because of empty value e7943a5
aggregate ParentLookup and ChildList structs 7e0011a
render time in HTML comment 0d22726
update run instructions; no need to delete database e50944b
replace possible copyrighted logo with our own drawn 264dc2f
simplify and expand sqlite version retrieval 46a74e9
use database transactions 89a16de
serve https 38a534d
http: listen to all bd08632
flat pretzels logo and favicon 4d1b136
quick API hack, GET only 9da0f01
bugfix: database is locked f3d0bfd
bugfix: display child rows based on parent key df5b656
preview warning 0bea950
styling overhaul 701d24d
styling overhaul e0a3527
log to file and microsecond resolution 4650804
edit button for entity attributes 5451c7a
use common HTML attributes for all form fields 18c7594
history: current view must take checkpoint_end into account df13513
bugfix: after adding an attribute previous added rows disappeared 258d4e5
bugfix: row_id clash between system entities and imported entities b714175
handle non-empty database e2aa995
bugfix: cooperate tls flag and import f400b6e
consistent margin/padding and colors 7661f76
relations: Attribute.Type → FieldTypes 9a2b2b3
relations: populated dropdowns 544f0dc
import csv: allow comments (#) 81c2b5d
import: error handling 44345f8
Let's Encrypt support 84c57d4
import: import datamodel 7a68192
bugfix: use filter if POST value is missing (set by parent) 9aae6ba
history: flex.Delete() 0a487bb
history: flex.Update() c87c043
bugfix: render datetime e22897b
table and card drop shadows 95a180a
hint render issues ee42f54
remove superfluous database open logging ca1173a
set and fix fields according to (parent) filters 4f21485
remove whitespace from HTML attributes 118fadc
common HTML attributes template 6788c86
bugfix: Attribute.Name instead of Attribute Stringer 5500feb
remove Attribute.String(); be explicit 96d3124
extra field types a0a62cf
introduce Value.Attribute for field templates 18dfe13
remove unnecessary casts to Entity and Attribute bf9817c
display child rows 7f6e495
correct rendering of thead when no data available dc9a215
extract form and submit button card.tmpl → details.tmpl 3b7eab5
build instructions a82ccc7
navigational breadcrumbs 124f145
styling and classes 8029932
display hints for entities de7fa79
rudimentary field type support 7fd8d58
remove visual row_id cf13dc6
edit row 826596e
panic init 99c7cd3
dashboard: show entities a1f882a
refactor template system 7c3fb0a
bugfix: escape column names to allow columns like 'Order' f9a2e5f
add Row.RowID cfca954
add Attribute.Type dbf7428
fix: simplify QueryToFilter() 10e1f86
history: schema and create checkpoints 3ee50a7
support for multi value filters 636fad0
relations links e8da1da
bugfix: escape column names to allow columns like 'Order' a711eb7
schema: Relations 32aa1b1
entity and attribute designer: we've come full circle 75dce0e
list/detail navigation 79c5352
filter lists on query f2d15a8
rudimentary entity and attribute designer (append onlly) 39215ab
retrieve SQLite version 3e58718
get some style! 1efb464
dashboard: list of entities + add entity f04da4f
use Attributes instead of Cars f966bde
refactor to entity/attribute/row/value model 39d5363
entity table column headers f695f73
add add form 1787cb8
move column definitions to schema 504b7c9
serve and render Cars table as HTML 0678b44
http server: template parsing with some style 48fed46
http server: serve files and some lousy content 36d9f5a
flex tables: about fbdaea0
flex tables: create and read data bb04fc6
flex tables: create schema and superimposing view 601ae9b
SQLite database connection dba1aae
add .gitignore 7b94529
hello main.go 2c08a63
print/pdf: prevent awkward page breaks, orphans and widows few 26c3f85

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