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Entity Attribute Hint
Hints Hints ===== Hints are displayed with an entity or attribute to guide the user. This text is actually a hint for the entity *Hints*. Tips ---- Keep the hint texts for attributes short. For entities they can be more elaborate. Keep in mind that users don't want to read too much. Formatting ---------- Hints are plain text, but Markdown is supported as well.
Entities It is best to give this a title case plural name (e.g. *Customers*)
Permissions Optional. Entity permissions overrule all attribute permissions.
Accounts **Sign in** You can use these accounts to sign in: name | password -----------|----------- user | welcome user1 | welcome user2 | welcome admin1 | welcome admin2 | welcome developer1 | welcome backoffice | welcome manager1 | welcome manager2 | welcome employee1 | welcome employee2 | welcome
Applications Applications ------------ Create an application and link it to your custom domain name. On your side you need to add one of those: - an *A record* pointing to **** - a *CNAME* pointing to ****
Accounts Accounts represent users that are authenticated via an OAuth provider
Roles Roles define the level of access an account has in a certain context
Groups Groups define the context to which security is applied
Members Members are accounts that play a certain role in a certain group
SecurityGroups Security groups link entities to groups of users that have permissions related to that entity
Vehicles Vehicles are the bread and butter of this app
Releases Releases =========
Resellers Resellers ========= Resellers sell product invitations to consumers
Products Products are smart services offered via the website
Stock Stock links sold boxes to the associated product and keeps track of renewals
Stickers Stickers are individual items from a box that have consecutive item numbers. The sticker id is a unique code.
Providers Providers ========= Configure a provider to enable login through external parties. You have to supply a *ClientID* and *ClientSecret* for each provider you want to use. To acquire these have a look at the manual of your service provider.
**Hi, welcome to the Pretzels preview** Pretzels is a tool to create applications (web, backends for apps). Be nice. In other words: you can edit everything, but changes to these entities can possibly break things: - [Entities](/Entities) - [Attributes](/Attributes) - [Relations](/Relations) - [FieldTypes](/FieldTypes) Thank you 😉 The release history can be found here: [Releases](/Releases)



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